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About NSPA


NSPA is private higher learning institution, approved by the Rwanda Ministry of Education (see Cabinet decision in its sitting of 11th September, 2013 and Ministry’s letter Ref. 2458 of 20/09/2013, Ministerial Order N°04/2015 of 06/01/2015, Official Gazette N° 03 of 19/01/2015 It was founded by (...)

Mission and Vision

The APED, founder of NSPA has as mission: 1) To offer quality and easily accessible education; 2) To build natural and human resource capacities for sustainable development; 3) To contribute to the development of positive knowledge on Africa and its populations ; 4) To promote education (...)

Methodology at NSPA

The methodology of NSPA is to generate and to transfer knowledge

Qualification at NSPA

NSPA awards Bachelor’s degrees. These degrees are recognized by the Rwandan Government.

The Philosophy of NSPA

(NS) Nile Source The Nile Source is physically and symbolically taken as the home and convergence of civilizations. It is the rallying point of various civilizations stretching to the Mediterranean Region which is also a crossroad of great civilizations. Nile Source Polytechnic is a vision for (...)

Professional Courses

Pre-university training for admission and competitiveness to the university studiesContext The dynamics of the higher education implies the contexts which suggest the relevance of a pre- university training. 1. A spontaneous ascend to the university. The policy of “education for all” is (...)

NSPA internal regulations

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