Library rules and regulations



The Nile Source Polytechnic of Applied Arts library service intends to give better service to its users. In order to provide conducive atmosphere for using of its services and facilities, users are required to comply with the library rules and regulations enumerated below.
Users of the NSPA library services must respect the lights and privileges of all other users. The library users are therefore expected to abide by the following rules and regulations.

The NSPA library opens its doors to NSPA community following the below schedule:
From Monday to Saturday: 08:00 to 12:00; 14:00 to 20:00
Sunday: 08:00 to 12:00
Public holidays: Closed

Art 2. Admission
The following categories are eligible to use the NSPA Library:
1. Registered NSPA students
2. Academic and Administrative staff
3. NSPA boards members
4. External users are allowed for consultation in situ (only in the library).
NB. The ID is required and no loan is authorized.

Art3. Discipline (conduct in the library)
1. All persons entering the library must show their cards.
2. All persons leaving the library must show all their documents to the librarian at the exit.
3. Briefcases, handbags, heavy clothes and other suspect materials that may be used to conceal documents are not allowed in the library. They must be left at the entrance but the library is not liable for any loss or damage that may occur.
4. Order and silence must be maintained at all times in the library.
5. Smoking, eating, drinking and sleeping in the library is prohibited.
6. Stealing or attempting to steal a library document or any of the library property is an offense. Appropriate action will be taken against the offender which may include suspension/exclusion from the NSPA.
7. Mobile phones and other devices likely to cause disturbances should not be used in the library unless their use is silent.
8. Ink bottles, paints and other materials which may accidentally damage library materials are not allowed into the library.
9. Damage of the library materials, equipment, property, or building is prohibited and must be reported immediately to a member of library staff. Those responsible must pay for the damage.
10. Abusive language or gestures harassing or threatening behavior to the library staff and or users is not acceptable. They are punishable.

Art 4. Borrowing
1. All books in the library may be borrowed by the authorized users for use outside the library.
2. Loans will be made against a valid university student cards or university staff with photograph.
NB. Documents which do not hold the NSPA stamp are not allowed for loan. The person in whose name an item is borrowed is responsible for its return.
3. No library materials may be borrowed beyond the library control point unless it has been duly issued at the circulation desk.
4. Borrowers are responsible for protecting any library materials in their possession against damage and must report to the librarians at the circulation Desk any loss or damage of materials.
5. Return; borrowers must return items to a staff member at the library circulation desk and satisfy themselves that loans are discharged at the time of return.
6. Renewals: a loan may be renewed unless required by another borrower. Renewals are allowed up to two times.
7. Recalls: The librarian at NSPA reserves the right to recall any books before the date on which it is due. He may require that all be returned when stock taking is to take place. When a book is recalled, it must be returned within a week of the notice.
8. Reservations may be done by users for documents which are out on loan. No one cannot place a request on a document which is currently on loan to him. On notification, the borrower has to collect the document reserved within 2 days from the date indicated on the notice. If not, it will be returned to the shelf or given to the next person who has reserved the same item.
9. Loaned items may not be transferred from one borrower to another but must be returned to the library for reissuing.
10. Students are allowed to borrow up to 3 books for a period of 3 weeks renewable once and the academic /research / may borrow up to 5 books for a period of one month renewable once.

Art 5. Overdue fines and Penalties
The following fines and penalties shall be imposed on those who will be breaking the current rules and regulations.
Library materials must be returned by the due date or earlier. Failure to this will be treated as a serious offense. The borrower will be required to pay fine for overdue.
1. Users who have not cleared all their previous loans of books or fines will not be allowed to use any library materials.
2. In the case of the students, official documents such as transcripts and degree certificate will not be issued by NSPA unless library materials are recovered, or the amount due to the library in fines, the value of materials and penalty have been paid by the borrower.
Fine imposed on borrowers for late return, loss or damage of library materials is as followed:
3. Fines for overdue loans are calculated from the due date to the day the book is returned. Weekends and holidays are included in the calculation.
4. For students, a fine of Rwandan francs of 500 each additional late day per book.

Art 6. Lost, Damaged or theft of library materials
1. For the lost document, the borrower should report immediately to the librarian before the due date. In this case, 3 months will be given waiting for a possible recovery. After this period the document will be considered as lost and the borrower will be required to pay 200% the replacement cost.
2. For a document declared after the due date, the borrower will be required to support the mending cost of the damaged material. A minimum of RWF 15,000 will be required.
3. Mutilation, misuse, or thefts of library resources are serious offenses inconsistent with the standards of integrity and professionalism established for users and staff to use NSPA library resources. Disciplinary actions including suspension, exclusion or any other measure will be taken the competent NSPA authorities.

Art 7. Overdue Notices
1. 1st notice will be issued within 7 days after due date.
2. 2nd notice will be issued within 15 days after due date.
3. Billing notice issued within 30 days after due date.
Unpaid fines for overdue, damaged, or lost materials should be reported to the Senior Management and Finance for appropriate action.
Library users are advised to check regularly their email and provide their phone number at the library.

Art 8. Clearance
All library users must clear with the NSPA libraries at the end of the academic year or when required before they are permitted to borrow the library materials again.

Art 9. Copyright
There is a copyright protection law on most of the library materials. Deliberate infringement on this law, e.g. unauthorized copying, is a criminal offense. All users of electronic information resources must abide by the terms of appropriate licenses. However, permissible copying limits may be made for academic purposes (creative commons). All users of library materials must observe these limits in the library premises or elsewhere.

Art10. Document delivery via the Interlibrary Loan
In addition to the general Rules and Regulations shall be modified by the academic Senate and modified Library rules and regulations shall be binding on all concerned.

Art11. Final provisions
1. The competent library authority is vested with all powers to ensure and enforce proper discipline, upkeep and observance of rules and regulations. He/she may take necessary action to the extent of imposing penalties demanding compensation for lost or damaged items belonging to the library, suspend/ terminate the privileges of the library membership or deal with any issue which is in the interest of the library.
2. All previous provisions contrary to this order are hereby repealed.

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