Call for papers-1th annual conference on the topic “Architect and community”

Nile source polytechnic of applied Arts (NSPA) organizes the 1th annual conference on the topic “Architect and community”
The Objectives of this conference are:
1) To explain and to introduce the concept, practice and various fields of application of Architecture.
2) To show the importance of Architecture in urban planning.
3) To show the importance of the studies of Architecture in a developing country.
4) To explain the role of the architect in the Community.
1) Documentary film on architecture in Rwanda
2) Strength and constraint of Architecture in Rwanda
3) Rules and principles of Tropical architecture
4) Buildings and monuments : revitalization of the historical buildings neighborhood for tourism.
5) Rwandan architecture: research and exploitation of local materials.
6) Urban and Architectural models of Umudugudu.
7) Pedagogy of the applied arts: genius, talents to be developed.

1) 15 minutes by presentation
2) Language: French or English
3) Format of an article of publication in a scientific review
4) Respect of the methodological Protocol (problematic, objectives, assumptions, methods of checking of the assumptions, presentation of the results and conclusions)