1) Procedures for registration, documents to be produced, entry requirements and fee levels shall be published by the institution at least six months before the beginning of the registration period.
2) Students must register individually with the Registry Services at the beginning of each academic year before the start of courses. The period of registration shall be advertised by Registry.
3) Special registration should be exceptional. Requests for special registration should be addressed in writing to the Academic Registrar, stating reasons for late application, within fifteen days after the end of the registration period. The Academic Registrar will decide on the case after consultation with the Faculty delivering the program for which registration is sought.
4) Students requesting entry with credit transferred from another Higher Education. Institution must do so two months before the beginning of the program for which entry is sought.
5) All students are required to submit to the Registry a telephone number, email, postal and residential addresses, as well as an address for the receipt of the Institution’s accounts. Any change of address must be notified to the Registry within seven days. Official correspondence sent to the address provided by the student will be deemed to have been received by him or her.
6) The names under which students are registered will be used on all Institution documents. Any request for change of name must be supported by legal documentation.
7) A student’s registration may be withdrawn at any time during the academic year by the Vice Rector Academic in the case of absence of more than a month during the academic year without permission or justification. Such exclusion shall be valid for the very same year and all the results nullified.
8) A student’s registration may be withdrawn at any time during the academic year by the Vice Rector Academic on the grounds of a serious omission, false declaration at registration and student’s serious misconduct.
9) Registration may be withdrawn by the Vice Rector Academic and the student excluded from the Institution on disciplinary grounds.