NSPA is private higher learning institution, approved by the Rwanda Ministry of Education (see Cabinet decision in its sitting of 11th September, 2013 and Ministry’s letter Ref. 2458 of 20/09/2013, Ministerial Order N°04/2015 of 06/01/2015, Official Gazette N° 03 of 19/01/2015

It was founded by the A.P.E.D (Association pour la Promotion de l’Education et le Développement/ Association for the Promotion of Education and Development). The Association was constituted during its first General Assembly on 3rd May, 2008. It was officially agreed by the Rwanda Gouvernance Board Nº003/2014, Official Gazette nº 23 of 09/06/2014. APED is made up of members from various sectors: university lecturers, civil servants and private sector actors.

They are all united behind the idea of education and learning at the crossroads of post-modernity on the one hand, between classical general humanities, professionalism and specialization, and on the other hand between arts, sciences and techniques. “Nile Source Polytechnic aims at establishing these equilibriums and training an intellectual with eclectic knowledge.