Welcome note

It is a great honor and a privilege to welcome you to the website of Nile Source Polytechnic of Applied Arts (NSPA). It is a private Higher Learning Institution officially recognized under a Final operating agreement by Rwandan Ministry of Education.
It was founded by the Association for the Promotion of Education and Development (APED).
This Association comprises members with various professional expertise: University lecturers, professionals from the public and private sectors living in Rwanda and abroad.

NSPA aims at the practical teaching of applied arts for the rationalization of natural, moral and culture resources as well as related job creation.

It focuses on language mastery and marketing in partnership with professional organization (Industries attachment).

Considering various experiences of its members and partners, NSPA has an ambition to be dynamic and innovative in teaching and training methods in order to ensure quality education.
We, therefore, invite you to join in our effort to build a youth dynamic, creative, open and positive and to build an institution of higher learning dedicated and open to the calls of the society.
We thank you and appreciate your support.